That’s So Minnesota
That’s So Minnesota Podcast Trailer

That’s So Minnesota Podcast Trailer

February 19, 2020

Minnesota. Otherwise known as 'Minne-SNOW-ta.' No, it doesn't snow here all of the time. But yes, it gets cold. People actually say 'Uff da,' eat hotdish (not casserole, seriously, don't mess that one up), and kids play 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck' (not goose). Minnesotans embrace their uniqueness, no matter how quirky it is.

That's So Minnesota is a podcast about the culture, the mystery, and stories from The North Star State.
Your always-curious host, and KARE 11 Sunrise Reporter, Ellery McCardle chats with Minnesotans to find out what makes this state unique, and the mannerisms we love to make fun of.
Full episodes premiere on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.
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